What does “settling” mean when dating?

Many of my clients have asked me to continue to clarify what I mean by “settling” when it comes to a romantic relationship. Usually, they are trying to figure out for themselves whether the have settled for the man they are currently with, or ...Read More

The 5 Worst Dating Mistakes I Ever Made

I’ve made multiple mistakes in my life, both in general and in the dating scene. These missteps have cost me more time, happiness and success than I can ever put a number on. Hopefully, though, you can learn from my screw-ups and make your ...Read More

Five Things I Don’t Like About Dating Today

I think the act of dating changes from generation to generation. In my parents day, it was unheard of for young men to say and do the things that they will around young women today. Young men were expected to open doors, pull out ...Read More

The “Trying Harder” Myth

Have you ever heard a woman say, “I’d still be in that relationship if I’d just tried harder.” But what does that really mean? I’ve heard it quite a few times myself, and think the only thing we need to “try harder” to do ...Read More